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 American Karate Center: The Originators of Mixed Martial Arts in Richmond, VA.

Our Pedigree: A Legacy of Firsts

Every great movement starts with a single individual willing to forge a new path that others may follow. American Karate Center takes pride in our continuous innovation and upholding our place as the Catalyst for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training in Richmond Virginia.

With the help of a dedicated team and amazing members and students we’ve been able to do great things for the MMA Community in Richmond.

  • Originators of Thai Boxing¬† in the Richmond area.
    Developed in Thailand the art of Muay Thai aka “Thai Boxing” is the National Sport of Thailand and has already gained popularity and recognition in the US and internationally. There are five major components to Thai Boxing: (1) Punches, (2) Kicks, (3) Knees, (4) Elbows, and (5) Clinching.
  • Brought¬† no rules Mixed Martial Arts combat to Virginia
  • First to Host Vale Tudo Tournaments; Both single and tag team
  • First to host the Gracie Ju-Jitsu Open. This ushered in the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu movement in Richmond, VA
  • First to have fighters pursue Professional careers in this area.
  • First to include and train women MMA fighters

Our impact is further reaching, however, than creating most of Virginia’s best fighters and Martial Artists.  American Karate Center was founded on the principle of “Student today. Black Belt for Life”. We don’t just teach kicking and punching, we teach leadership, confidence, and life skills.

Our programs are designed to, not only challenge you physically, but serve as a vehicle for complete life transformation.  Our coaches, instructors, and staff will embark on the journey with you as you pull support from our phenomenal AKC family.

Our Martial Arts Programs in Richmond, Va are for kids, families, busy professionals and the weekend warriors. No matter who you are, we have a program for you!

Looking to improve your health in a fun and nurturing environment? Looking for a program to foster your child’s leadership potential and help improve focus in school and everyday life?  We have the right martial arts program here! Explore our site and be sure to register for your free trial to experience what American Karate has to offer you.

Have a thirst for competition? Do you want to find your limits and then push past them ? American Karate Center is the ONLY school in Virginia that offers Shoot fighting, a style originated from the legend, Bart Vale.

Join Team Submission and train to master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sombo, Kickboxing, Shoot fighting, and Free fighting. We are the originators of Richmond MMA and train as such. The road to mastery won’t be easy, but in the end it’s worth it.  Grab your free trial membership now and let’s start!

Here at American Karate Center, the elements of effective Martial Arts styles like Kickboxing, Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Women Self Defense, Kid’s Martial Arts¬†classes¬†and Submission Wrestling are combined to provide you with the best training possible.

Our Martial Arts programs in Richmond, VA are for kids, families and busy professionals. We have students of all ages.

If you’re looking to improve yourself or help your child get better in school and life you’ll find the right martial arts and fitness program right here. Explore our site and be sure to register for your FREE trial so you can experience American Karate Center.

If you have a thirst for competition, or you want to push yourself a little further, our school has consistently done well in competitions they’ve entered.¬† Our Team Submission trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sombo, Shootfighting, Kickboxing and Free-Fighting styles. We at AKC say, ‚ÄúOnly a fighter knows the feeling!‚Äù. If you have that feeling and the motivation to test your skills, register for your free trial membership and start your training today!

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